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Alan Anderson wrote:

On August 22, 1888, a reporter for the Americus Recorder found John Sheffield and Ross Harper measuring off the courthouse square. Upon inquiring as to their purpose, young Sheffield responded, “Because Maj. Speer and Papa told me to.” ........ Click here for more.

Americus Institute

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Downtown Americus

Corner of Lee and Lamar St. looking East

For those of you who don't know what James Chevrolet looked like before it was modernized in the middle 60s.

Since the water tower in the background was constructed in 1937 and the Doughboy statue was removed to Rees Park in 1947, that gives you a time frame for the photo. Do you know who the boy is? Also, my mother's family lived in one of the those houses back in the 1930s, as they used to listen to the Big Bethel Baptist choir across the street. One of those houses had a family cemetery in the backyard, too.

Alan Anderson

Click here for Mike Saliba's photos of the monument removal.

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Tornado touches down where legend says it would never happen. Click below for photos of the damage caused by the storm that hit Americus, GA on March 1, 2007. Click on links to more photos below.

March 1, 2007
Jerry Battle & Russell Mildner III

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 LINK 1. Areas South and Southwest of Sumter Regional Hospital

LINK 2. Sumter Regional Hospital including the Healthplex

LINK 3. Areas East and Northeast of Sumter Regional Hospital

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